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2014 Was a Great Year!

2014 was a great year for Streetdog Foundation!  With the support of our donors, volunteers, and fosters we were able to find forever homes for 91 Streetdogs!  Check out some of our happy pups! If you want to see a video of the whole year, visit our Facebook page.

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Happy Holidays from the Streetdog Family!

As 2014 nears its end, we would like to take a moment to thank our many supporters for their generosity this year.  Whether you have donated money or supplies, fostered a dog, volunteered at an adoption event, walked dogs in boarding, or shared the story of one of our sweet streetdogs, thank you.  It takes a village to save these animals, and we couldn’t do it without you.  We hope you enjoy these adorable holiday pics of our pups. If […]

Gone to the Dogs Fest 2014

Join us for Gone to the Dogs Fest November 21-22, 2014 at the Hi Tone! Enjoy amazing live music from multiple bands each night.  Remember-it’s all for the dogs! Get tickets here.

Featured Pet


“Fostering for Streetdog Foundation has been the most refreshing and rewarding experience! They impress me with their focus and care for both pet and foster home. I have never felt forgotten or alone in taking care of my foster dog which could easily happen when trying to manage so many people and pets (all with different needs!). I know how much effort goes into keeping a program like this organized so I am deeply grateful. “


“A Streetdog volunteer met us at Grace Animal Hospital to help us choose the perfect dog for our family-our male dog is quite anxious.  We spent an hour meeting 5 or 6 different dogs that needed foster homes…some worked, some didn’t.  We decided to foster Darby and it has been an absolute joy having him in our home. Fostering has been incredibly rewarding experience for us and has even helped our dogs’ social skills.”


Dog Tags for Pets!

Our foster dogs are currently wearing ID tags donated by Dog Tag Art. Visit Dog Tag Art today to create your own custom dog tag for your pet.