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SDF Loves our Volunteers!!

We want to take a moment to thank all of our volunteers.  Without you, we would not be able to save so many amazing dogs from the streets of Memphis. Check out this video thank you. Although we could never thank you all enough, we hope you know how much you mean to us and to the sweet pups! Lately, you may have noticed that we have been searching for a foster or forever home for #sdfbaltus. Many of our […]


Baltus Makes New Friends!

We have shown you a lot about Baltus in the last week-that he has been in boarding for a year, that he LOVES to give kisses, and that he is super photogenic (check out another Baltus video here)! Today, we show you that he also loves to make new doggy friends of all shapes and sizes (like #sdfalumconan, #sdfqueenie, #sdfclarice, #sdfeinstein, and #sdfalumpanda)! He had so many play dates this weekend, he is exhausted from having so much fun.  Our volunteers […]


Baltus Loves Kisses!

  I am sure that you have noticed that all of our posts of late have been about sweet Baltus.  We have decided that we will stop at nothing to get him into a home, even for a weekend, and out of boarding!  A year is way too long to live in a kennel (the kennels at our vet are pretty spacious, but he would rather have a sofa…)! Today’s post is all about kisses!  Here are a few pics […]

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“Fostering for Streetdog Foundation has been the most refreshing and rewarding experience! They impress me with their focus and care for both pet and foster home. I have never felt forgotten or alone in taking care of my foster dog which could easily happen when trying to manage so many people and pets (all with different needs!). I know how much effort goes into keeping a program like this organized so I am deeply grateful. “


“A Streetdog volunteer met us at Grace Animal Hospital to help us choose the perfect dog for our family-our male dog is quite anxious.  We spent an hour meeting 5 or 6 different dogs that needed foster homes…some worked, some didn’t.  We decided to foster Darby and it has been an absolute joy having him in our home. Fostering has been incredibly rewarding experience for us and has even helped our dogs’ social skills.”


Dog Tags for Pets!

Our foster dogs are currently wearing ID tags donated by Dog Tag Art. Visit Dog Tag Art today to create your own custom dog tag for your pet.